There are a variety of benefits with red-light such as, cellular fat burn, cellulite reduction, and alleviation of muscle soreness, while minimizing the risk of exercise related injuries.  Our red-light paddles are placed on the skin to achieve your goals by warming up the fat cells creating scientific cellular physiological activity. An added, bonus if you choose to experience during your sessions includes, our red-light face shield. This is utilized to decrease wrinkles and tighten tissue on the face and neck area. 

We have a variety of options and packages that Dr. Jodi Green builds for each and every patients. She tailors a plan to meet and achieve each patients needs based on their history and what is a healthy timeline to complete their weight loss goals. 

Dr. Jodi, begins with a consultation to exam which services and program the patient qualifies for.  At this time she then educated on a few at home programs patients may partake in.  

One of them being our, ChiroThin Program. The ChiroThin program is an all natural supplemental program with guided and instructed high protein food groups to achieve optimal metabolic performance.  Thisdiet is also based on a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory diet.  It includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates all while Dr. Jodi and the staff are here to be your accountability partners along the way.